Toward Temporary Asylum in the Nordic Countries? Trends and dilemmas

Are the Nordic countries moving towards temporary protection for refugees? What are the legal and political implications of increased temporariness in the Nordics?

Following the 2015 asylum crisis in Europe, several Nordic countries introduced new forms of temporary asylum permits. We gather leading Nordic migration experts to discuss current national temporary asylum instruments, including cessation, revocation and increased use of temporary permits.


Country reports

  • On Denmark: Jens Vedsted-Hansen, University of Aarhus
  • On Sweden: Rebecca Stern, University of Uppsala
  • On Norway: Jan-Paul Brekke, Institute for Social Research, Oslo
  • On Iceland, Helgi Gunnlaugson, University of Iceland
  • On Finland, Elina Pirjatanniemi, Åbo Akademi University


  • Claes Kell Nilas, Director General Danish Return Agency, Denmark
  • Jessica Schultz, Christian Michelsens Institute / University of Bergen
  • Thomas Gammeltoft Hansen, University of Copenhagen

Discussion, Q/A

Concluding remarks


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The webinar is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security. 

Organized by the Institute of Social Research and The Nordic Institute for Migration (NIM)

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