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Name Degree Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erling Barth Barth, Erling Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 930 91 410 Working Life, Gender Equality, Digitalization
Picture of Anne Lise Ellingsæter Ellingsæter, Anne Lise Professor Ph.d. 22855360
Picture of Live Kjos Fjell Fjell, Live Kjos Research Assistant M. Sc. +47 960 41 902 Migrasjon, Likestilling, Arbeid
Picture of Sigtona Halrynjo Halrynjo, Sigtona Senior Resarch Fellow PhD +47 481 21 698 Gender Equality, Working Life
Picture of Inés Hardoy Hardoy, Inés Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 472 45 113 Gender Equality, Welfare, Working Life
Picture of Cathrine Holst Holst, Cathrine Professor Ph.d. +47 22 85 88 89 Working Life, Gender Equality
Picture of Ragni Hege Kitterød Kitterød, Ragni Hege Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 950 50 375 Working Life, Gender Equality, Welfare
Picture of Arnfinn H.  Midtbøen Midtbøen, Arnfinn H. Research Professor PhD +47 920 82 553 Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Karl Ove Moene Moene, Karl Ove Professor
Picture of Marjan Nadim Nadim, Marjan Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 916 09 108 Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Julia Orupabo Orupabo, Julia Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 976 66 787 Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Liza  Reisel Reisel, Liza Research Director, Equality, inclusion, migration PhD +47 975 71 460 Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Pål Schøne Schøne, Pål Research Director, Work and Welfare PhD +47 986 22 125 Working Life, Gender Equality, Welfare, Migration
Picture of Øyvind Søraas Skorge Skorge, Øyvind Søraas Senior Research Fellow PhD +1 617 335 5026 Working Life, Welfare, Gender Equality
Picture of Christina Hoelgaard Stoltenberg Stoltenberg, Christina Hoelgaard Project Advisor, CORE and NORDICORE +47 458 59 212 Gender Equality
Picture of Marte Strøm Strøm, Marte Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 408 85 333 Working Life, Gender Equality
Picture of Mari Teigen Teigen, Mari Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality Dr. polit. +47 482 07 137 Gender Equality, Working life
Picture of Kjersti Misje  Østbakken Østbakken, Kjersti Misje Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 991 62 556 Working Life, Gender Equality