Mads Thau

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Position Senior Research Fellow
Degree PhD
Contact +47 921 70 782

Political scientist focusing on democratic politics and public administration and service delivery

Mads Thaus research interests cover democratic politics and public administration. His research focuses on political behavior, particularly opinion formation, party strategies, and mass-elite linkages. He is also interested in public administration, focusing on public service delivery, organizational learning, and citizens’ performance evaluations.

Thau received his PhD Aarhus University in 2018, and he previously worked at VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research. His research has appeared in journals like Journal of Politics, Public Administration and Comparative Political Studies.

Tags: Welfare, Elections and Democracy, Civil Society, Media and the public sphere


  • Thau, Mads; Mikkelsen, Maria Falk; Hjortskov, Morten & Pedersen, Mogens Jin (2020). Question Order Bias Revisited: A Split-Ballot Experiment on Satisfaction with Public Services among Experienced and Professional Users. Public Administration. . doi: 10.1111/padm.12688 Show summary
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