Who are we?

The Centre for Research on Civil Society and Voluntary Sector is a collaboration between the Institute for Social Research and NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. We conduct independent and socially relevant research on voluntary engagement and voluntary organisations in Norway.

Recent reports

Fladmoe, Audun; Eimhjellen, Ivar; Sivesind, Karl Henrik & Arnesen, Sveinung (2019). Frivillighetens grunnfjell: Hvem gir mest tid og penger til frivillige organisasjoner?. 2019:1. [The Volunteerism Bedrock: Who gives most of their time and money to voluntary organizations?] Download here..

Wollebæk, Dag (2018). Frivillighet i offentlige og offentlig finansierte kulturinstitusjoner. Rapport fra Senter for forskning på sivilsamfunn og frivillig sektor. 2018:4. [Volunteerism in Public and Publicly Funded Cultural Institutions]. Download here.

Fladmoe, Audun; Sivesind, Karl Henrik & Arnesen, Daniel (2018). Oppdaterte tall om frivillig innsats i Norge, 1998–2017 [Updated Figures on Voluntary Effort in Norway, 1998–2017]. Download here.