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Perspectives on participation

How to increase participation and include underrepresented groups in the civil society? We research on participation among children and young people, and other underrepresented groups in organisational life.

Increased participation and inclusion

Broad participation is a goal in volunteer policy. The aim is to increase participation and inclusion of groups that are underrepresented in organisations. This applies especially to children and young people, but also other underrepresented groups.

Challenges associated with social inequality

Social inequality is a challenge, despite various measures initiated by organisations and the government. We will therefore examine what can increase the inclusion of underrepresented groups in the organisational community by following developments and changes in participation among these groups. In this way, we can gain knowledge about what promotes and inhibits participation at the individual level, organisational level and system level. At the same time, we will look at how other countries solve challenges associated with social inequality.

Develop knowledge of the importance of voluntary participation

We will develop knowledge about the importance of voluntary participation seen in the light of community building and acquiring skills, common values and trust, and by looking, from a democratic perspective, at:

  • Perspectives on voluntary involvement and forms of participation in the youth population.
  • What creates inclusive organisations.
  • What characterises organisations that succeed in recruiting broadly among various social groups in society?
  • Participation in voluntary organisational life among children and young people who grow up in areas with a particularly high immigrant population, so-called area initiatives, from a broad resource perspective.
  • The importance of and connection between voluntary participation and job opportunities, positions and participation in boards, etc.
  • The importance and effects of the large organisations' role in the inclusion of the immigrant population in the organisational community.
  • The importance and influence of civic engagement and broad social movements across traditional organisations, such as the climate movement.


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