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Name Degree Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Daniel Arnesen Arnesen, Daniel Research Fellow M.Sc. +47 415 57 586 Civil Society
Picture of Sveinung Arnesen Arnesen, Sveinung Associate professor II PhD
Picture of Audun Beyer Beyer, Audun Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 402 23 626 Digitalization, Migration, Elections and Democracy
Picture of Dag Arne Christensen Christensen, Dag Arne Research Leader PhD
Picture of Ivar Eimhjellen Eimhjellen, Ivar Senior Research Fellow PhD
Picture of Bernard  Enjolras Enjolras, Bernard Research Professor, Director Center for research on civil society and voluntary sector PhD +47 976 89 237 Elections and Democracy, Civil Society, Digitalization
Picture of Rune Ervik Ervik, Rune Research Professor PhD
Picture of Audun Fladmoe Fladmoe, Audun Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 924 82 023 Elections and Democracy, Civil Society
Picture of Jørn Ljunggren Ljunggren, Jørn Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 419 21 291 Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Per Selle Selle, Per Professor Dr. Polit
Picture of Karl Henrik  Sivesind Sivesind, Karl Henrik Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 997 06 127 Welfare, Civil Society
Picture of Tord Skogedal Lindén Skogedal Lindén, Tord Research Director PhD
Picture of Kari Steen-Johnsen Steen-Johnsen, Kari Research Director, Politics, democracy, civil society PhD +47 906 49 417 Digitalization, Civil Society
Picture of Kristin Strømsnes Strømsnes, Kristin Professor Dr. polit
Picture of Mari Tollåli Tollåli, Mari Research Assistant
Picture of Håkon Solbu Trætteberg Trætteberg, Håkon Solbu Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 920 54 308 Civil Society, Welfare
Picture of Marte Winsvold Winsvold, Marte Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 930 33 752 Migration, Civil Society, Elections and Democracy
Picture of Dag Wollebæk Wollebæk, Dag Senior Research Fellow PhD Civil Society
Picture of Guro Ødegård Ødegård, Guro Research Director PhD