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Changes in the voluntary sector

What are the key influencing and change factors affecting the voluntary sector and how do organisations deal with the changes? We examine factors that influence and change the voluntary sector.

In the same way as society, the organisational society is affected by major societal changes. The developments shows greater organisational diversity and key changes in scope, composition and orientation in the voluntary sector. At the same time, the link between the national and local level is weakened, and strong growth is exhibited by individual organisations with a national area of ​​work. Previous research shows that organisations go through significant changes in how the companies align with increased professionalisation and a more specialised and bureaucratic administration.

Development and change in the organisational landscape

We will examine development and change in the organisational landscape and how organisations deal with these changes.

We will also gain more knowledge about how the organisations work to secure and cultivate voluntary efforts such as pro bono work, memberships and donations, and the distribution among them.

What factors influence and change the voluntary sector?

What are the key influencing and change factors that affect the voluntary sector and how do organisations meet these changes?

  • How does the municipal and regional reform affect organisations and what seems to affect and create changes in the organisations? We will examine how changes at the national level affect changes in local volunteering policy, such as the regional reform and the transfer of the subsidy to volunteer centres.
  • Growth and decline in the organisational community nationally and locally.
  • How do organisations meet development trends such as a decline in number of members, recruitment of shop stewards and other internal matters of importance to the organisations?
  • Development features and changes in membership, voluntary work and paid work, as well as changes in management and boards seen in a broad gender equality perspective.

Cooperation between voluntary organisation and the authorities

Most volunteer work is done locally. The municipalities and the state play an important role in funding and facilitating voluntary organisations locally. Challenges have been identified for local cooperation and policy-making.

Here we will examine forms of cooperation between voluntary organisations and the authorities in areas such as upbringing and leisure, inclusion, care and emergency preparedness.

  • What are the key prerequisites for collaboration and what collaboration strategies are used to increase collaboration between municipalities and voluntary organisations?
  • We will examine interaction with private actors in the form of project support, funding and other types of involvement of private actors locally and nationally.


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