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The Institute for Social Research: Birthplace and incubator

The Institute for Social Research has from it was founded in 1950, and up to the present, contributed to the rise of new establishments and innovation in the research community.

Erik Rinde, Stein Rokkan and Alf Sommerfelt in 1950. Kilde: Elizabeth Rokkan.

The Institute for Social Research emerged during and after the end of World War II. Here it played a vital role in the emergence of social research in Norway:

The institute and the researchers from the early pioneering phase and up to the present have contributed to the rise of important research communities and organisations in Norway.

The idea for the Institute for Social Research originated in the circle around Arne Næss, Vilhelm Aubert, Erik Rinde and Stein Rokkan during and after World War II.

During the war, Næss and Aubert worked together in the intelligence organisation XU. Right after the war, this group of enthusiastic young intellectuals was also instrumental in the recognition of sociology as a university subject.

The Institute for Social Research was established as a result of the networking that took place in the first few years after the war, and the fact that Erik Rinde and his father Sigurd provided a financial foundation for the institute. The Institute for Social Research was thus established on 9 February 1950.

Read more about the institute history:

Below you will find some selected publications, all in Norwegian. The first publication, the book about the institute's 30 first years, can be bought (NOK 198,-) by contacting the institute library here. The library can also be contacted if you wish to buy printed versions of the reports.

Arnested for norsk samfunnsforskning – Institutt for samfunnsforskning de første tretti årene.

Book by Sven Lindblad.

Erik Rinde og Institutt for samfunnsforskning

Report by Stein Rokkan, Vilhelm Aubert and Tor Bjørklund. ISF-rapport 1994:13.

Download fulltext here (pdf)

Kunnskap og refleksjon. 50 års samfunnsforskning.

Report by Fredrik Engelstad (ed.). ISF-report 2000:2.

Download fulltext here (pdf)

Bøker fra ISF i 50 år. En annotert bibliografi med statistikk over instituttets samlede publisering

Report by Jon Haakon Hustad and Sven Lindblad. ISF-rapport 2000:3.

Download fulltext here (pdf)


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