The new frontiers of philantropy

In two new books, Lester Salamon and his expert team explore the revolution under way on the frontiers of philanthropy and social investment.

With the resources of both governments and traditional philanthropy barely growing or in decline while the problems of poverty, ill-health and environmental degradation continue to balloon, it has come increasingly clear that new models for financing and promoting social and environmental objectives are urgently needed. According to Dr. Lester Salamon, a significant revolution appears to be underway on the frontiers of philanthropy and social investments that is providing a potentially crucial response to this predicament.

The New Frontiers of Philanthropyand the introductory volume  Leverage for Goodconstitutes the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the new actors and tools reshaping global philanthropy and social investing today.

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Publisert 25. sep. 2014 12:20