Article in book edited by ISF researchers wins award

Thomas Janoski has won the Emerald Outstanding Author Contribution Award 2010 for the article "The Spirit of the Civil Sphere: Activating Static Conceptions of Volunteerism and Citizenship" published in Comparative Social Research vol. 26, Civil Society in Comparative Perspective

The prerequisites for winning are that the article should contribute with something new to the body of knowledge, either in terms of approach or subject matter; be relevant to practice and further research; have an excellent structure and presentation and well written text; and be up to date citing the latest/key works in the field. An outstanding contribution should have that special something – something which raises it above the rest.

- We were very impressed with Janoski’s article and felt it would be an excellent candidate for the Emeralds Outstanding Author Contribution Award, says Karl Henrik Sivesind. Sivesind is a senior researcher at the Institute of Social Research (ISF) and has extensive experience with research on volunteerism and civil society. Co-editor Bernard Enjolras, research director at ISF and director of the Centre for Research on Civil Society and Voluntary sector, continues:

- We are very happy Jaonski won the award and offer our warmest congratulations.

If you wish to read the winning article, please visit Emerald’s website.

Av Luisa Klaveness (
Publisert 26. apr. 2010 15:56