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Integration of newly arrived immigrants in Europe - The role of incentives

Prosjektperiode 2009 - 2009
Oppdragsgiver EU
Prosjektnr. 415.123

Integration and participation of immigrants in host societies is in the interest of both the individuals and their surroundings. There is a constant search among politicians, bureaucrats and researchers for ways of inclusion.

One way of guiding behavior in directions that encourage such integration, is to use incentives. Lately, the focus on incentives and sanctions that push both individuals and the systems they interact with, towards the goal of equal opportunity, equal participation and loyalty, has become more profound in Europe.

At the same time, it is unclear what should be understood by "incentives" and how these function in the fields of labor market policies, introduction programs and wider integration policies. Chances are that the meaning of the concept, the use and the outcomes of incentives schemes vary across the Union area.

This study is financed by the European Integration Fund. Partners are the University of Uppsala, University of Stockholm (CEIFO), Swedish Ministry of Integration, the University of Malmø and Institute for Social Research (ISF).

Designed as a preliminary study, the results will be presented at a conference in Malmø in December 2009 hosted by the Swedish Presidency of the European Union.


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