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European Foundations for Research and Innovation Study (EUFORI)

Prosjektperiode 2012 - 2014
Oppdragsgiver EU
Prosjektnr. 413.099

Project funded by the European Commission,  Directorate-General for Research and Innovation with the aim to quantify and assess foundations’ financial support and policies for research and innovation in the EU, make a comparative analysis between EU Member States, and identify trends and the potential for future developments in this sector. The basis for the work will be the collection of data on the characteristics and activities of research-funding foundations in each EU Member State.

1. Identification foundations supporting R&I

  • create a list of foundations supporting R&I/create sample (max 500 foundations)

  • find contact details (see general guidelines for online survey, annex 1)

2. Translation of questionnaire, invitation letter and reminder in local language

3. Data collection

Online survey

  • Invitation by e-mail: NEs provide VU with email addresses. VU send invitations to foundations by email.

  • Invitation by postal mail: NEs send invitation letters (with internet link) by postal mail.

  • Raise response rates by: arranging a letter of recommendation of national association of foundations or a high profile research foundation, making phone calls, send reminders, etc.

Additional option: ‘paper-and-pencil questionnaires’
After consultation with the VU-team it is possible to opt for paper-and-pencil questionnaires as well. In case of paper-and-pencil questionnaires, NEs will be responsible for distributing the questionnaires to the foundations in their country and the VU team will be responsible for coding the paper-and-pencil surveys into a database. 

At least 5-10 interviews with foundations supporting R&I (total number of interviews depends on size of R&I foundation sector in a country)

4. Analyses of data

5. Writing Country Report

More information on the EUFORI-study


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