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Completed project

Voluntary sector policy in Oslo municipality

The project aims to contribute with knowledge about Oslo municipality role as a supporter and facilitator of the voluntary work, through a survey among voluntary associations in Oslo.

Project period 2019 - 2020
Project employer Oslo municipality
Project nr. 10432
Project leader Daniel Arnesen

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The voluntary sector policy for Oslo describes the overall goals and strategies for municipal work in the field of volunteering. It is based on input from and made in dialogue with the voluntary sector, and aims to strengthen the municipality's role as a supporter and facilitator of voluntary activity. The Institute for Social Research contributed to the making of policy by writing a note on the main features of the voluntary sector in Oslo in 2014.

As part of a work to follow up the voluntary sector policy in Oslo, there is a need for knowledge of the voluntary sector's experience with this policy. The project will contribute to this through a survey and interviews with representatives of voluntary associations.

Research Questions

How do different actors in the voluntary sector in Oslo evaluate the voluntary policy in Oslo and changes that have taken place from its adoption up to today, and what are the success criteria and obstacles in the voluntary sector's cooperation with the municipality?

Data and method

To examine how voluntary actors evaluate the municipality's work on following up the volunteer policy, an online survey will be conducted among voluntary associations in Oslo. The data from this study will also be complemented by qualitative data from focus group interviews with representatives of different types of associations.


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Tags: Civil Society
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