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Completed project

Study on women in management

Project period June 2017 - November 2017
Project employer Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet
Project nr. 10228
Project leader Mari Teigen


Project Aim

The project aims to study differences in the proportion of women in management positions in four sectors: business, academia, public sector and in civil society organizations and the social partners.

Project Approach

In the project our primary concern has been to examine the situation and changes in male-dominance in top-positions comparatively in different sectors of the Norwegian society. The question addressed was how it can be that the Norway, one of the most gender equal societies in an international perspective, continues to be characterized by strong and prevalent male-dominance in top-positions. 

Women are particularly weekly represented in top-positions in the business sector. Thus, it is particularly interesting to investigate sector variation and how the pace of change differs between sectors.  

In this project, we aimed to:

  • Describe the gender composition in top-positions across sectors and over time per sector.
  • Analyze and evaluate possible explanations to the main tendencies identified.
  • Explore sector specific conditions and «understandings» that may contribute to explain sector variation, as well as to investigate to what extent individual factors are important to explaining variation in gender balance.

The analysis have been based on register data from Statistics Norway and from the Norwegian Leaderships studies 2000 and 2015. 

The project was finished in 2017.


Teigen, Mari & Reisel, Liza (2017). Kjønnsbalanse på toppen? Sektorvariasjon i næringsliv, akademia, offentlig sektor og organisasjonsliv. Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning. Rapport 2017:11. (In Norwegian).

CORE-status: Kjønnsbalanse på toppen? (In Norwegian).


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Liza Reisel Research Director, Equality, inclusion, migration PhD +47 975 71 460
Mari Teigen Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality Dr. polit. +47 482 07 137
Sara Seehuus (HiOA)
Ferdinand Andreas Mohn
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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