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U+MxV (Youth Participation in Norwegian Municipalities)

The project U+MxV (Youth participation) will map how participation from young people takes place in Norwegian municipalities, as well as contribute to creating models for participation processes.

Project period November 2021 - December 2022
Project nr. 10616

There is currently little systematic knowledge and reviews about participation methods for young people in the municipalities and how these can be used in the best possible way.

A core challenge for the municipalities is how young people get involved in statutory participation processes in a way that gives real influence, while at the same time giving the young people an experience of mastery, of being seen and heard, and an opportunity to become a resource in their local communities.

The project will therefore acquire knowledge and experience with participation processes in Norway and the other Nordic countries through document studies and interviews.

The project will examine how the quality of participation can be raised. The project will therefore, in collaboration with six selected municipalities and local young co-researchers, organize gatherings with young people, parents and other relevant adult actors around regulation and processes of youth involvement. Additionally, interviews are carried out with the political leadership and the management of the municipalities. We also conduct document analyses. Furthermore, we study how the Ungdata-results are used in the youth involvement in the municipalities.

The project will provide recommendations for the development of models for participation that are flexible, transferable between contexts and that provide real value in use.


Tags: Elections and Democracy
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