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The relationship between ethnic diversity and profitability in Norwegian organisations

Project period June 2020 - December 2021
Project employer IMDi
Project nr. 10507
Project leader Janis Umblijs
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Project Background – ethnic divsity in the labor market

Ethnic diversity has increasingly received attention in both a Norwegian and international context. The ability of business and organizations to manage diversity among their employees has become a key condition for an inclusive working life. A diverse labor market is also seen as a way to stimulate productivity and innovation.

International research has shown that there is a connection between ethnic diversity and profitability. Companies that have ethnic minorities in management have better earnings and returns than companies that do not have such ethnic diversity. On the other hand, there is limited empirical research about this relationship in Norwegian companies.

Project Aim – A diverse labor market profitable?

The purpose of the project is to provide knowledge about the connection between ethnic diversity and profitability in Norwegian companies. What are the characteristics of companies that succeed in utilizing diversity? And what factors limit the preconditions for diversity and the potential for profitability? The project consists of three parts:

  1. literature review
  2. registry data analysis
  3. interviews with employers and HR managers.

Knowledge from the project will provide the government and businesses with knowledge they can utilized to develop measures that strengthen diversity policies in the workplace.


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Julia Orupabo Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 976 66 787
Janis Umblijs Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 925 27 810
Ida Drange (Oslo Met)
Tags: Working Life, Welfare, Migration
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