Ongoing project

The Nordic Institute for Migration

Research and contribution to policy development in the areas of migration, asylum, border control and integration.

Project period 2018 - 2020

The Nordic Institute for Migration was established in Reykjavik, Iceland in January 2016, with participation from all the Nordic countries. It is an interdisciplinary institute engaged in research in the areas of migration, asylum, border control and integration and contributing to policy development in the Nordic countries for the benefit of enhanced Nordic and European cooperation.

The aim of the institute is to:

  • work on interdisciplinary research with various Nordic research institutions and other organizations of relevance on issues related to asylum-seekers, refugees and other migrants
  • cover issues in regard to border control and criminalization (including the Schengen- and Dublin cooperation, international crime prevention and return), migrants’ rights, refugee protection and human rights (including a follow-up to the EU Commission Agenda for Migration e.g. resettlement, reallocation, asylum seekers’ rights, hot spot arrangements) as well as integration issues
  • promote cooperation between the Nordic countries in favor of multidisciplinary research in the migration field for the benefit of legislative and policy development in the Nordic countries and for the benefit of enhanced Nordic cooperation at European level
  • engage in and encourage cooperation on migration with government institutions: decision- and policymakers, research institutions, NGOs,  political parties and other stakeholders
  • pursue and participate in assignments in European and International migration cooperation
  • organize conferences, lectures and seminars in the migration area
  • provide information and advice on migration issues
  • organize and/or participate in courses in the Nordic countries in migration issues
  • publish scholarly articles, research and other relevant migration related material
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