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Ongoing project

The needs of future voluntary emergency response

Project period Februar 2021 - January 2023
Project employer The Norwegian Red Cross
Project nr. 10579
Project leader Vibeke Wøien Hansen
The Norwegian Red Cross

The Norwegian Red Cross. Photo: Robert Mostad

Project background

This project investigates how societal trends and development affect future needs in local emergency response and preparedness as well as the future role of voluntary actors in local emergency response and rescue work.

Main goal

The analysis will provide a foundation for policy recommendations for both the organizational level (Norwegian Red Cross) and the governmental level on how to think about emergency response and rescue work in the future.

Project approach

The project is threefold:

1) Projections of emergency response needs on basis of some selected scenarios

2) Assessment of needs in light of status quo and trends in emergency response organization

3) Measures for efficient and “good practice” emergency and response rescue work in the future

The project collaborates with VOLEM and project participants thus overlap to some extent.


Bernard Enjolras PhD Research Professor, Director Center for research on civil society and voluntary sector +47 976 89 237 Send e-mail
Vibeke Wøien Hansen PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 920 27 149 Send e-mail
Håkon Solbu Trætteberg PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 920 54 308 Send e-mail
Marte Winsvold PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 930 33 752 Send e-mail
Dag Wollebæk PhD Research Professor Send e-mail
Tags: Civil Society
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