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Completed project

The state of freedom of speech in Norway – the Freedom of expression foundation’s monitor project.

Project period 2013 - 2014
Project employer Fritt Ord
Project nr. 413106


Project Background

The Institute for Social Research managed the project together with the Department of Media and Communication(IMK) at the University of Oslo, Fafo, TNS Gallupand lawyer Jon Wessel-Aas to investigate the state of freedom of speech in Norway. The Institute for Social Research managed the project on assignment by the Fritt Ord Foundation.

The project addressed issues concerning the terms of freedom of speech, freedom of speech in light of multiculturalism, digitalization and shifting media structures, security, control and surveillance and the terms of freedom of speech in the labour market.

Project Results

The study is based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches, with a central element being a survey targeted at both the general public and at groups of particular interest to freedom of speech: Ethnic minorities, journalists and cultural workers.

In addition to several research reports, the project was conveyed through multiple platforms, with important arenas being a series of seminars and a webpage (


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