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Completed project

The 2013 Sámi Election Study

Project period 2013 - 2016
Project employer The Sámi Parliament and the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation
Project nr. 413.105

The aim of the 2013 Sámi Election Study was to study political participation and representation in the Norwegian Sámi political system, in close cooperation with the comparative study of Norwegian and Swedish Sámi Parliament elections.

The project comprised two sub-projects: 1) a survey of voters registered in the Sami electoral roll, in connection with the 2013 Sami Parliament Elections; and 2) qualitative and quantitative studies of selected topics, especially a) the coverage of the election campaign in NRK Sápmi, b) the effect of urbanization on Sámi party programmes, and c) the effects of the new electoral system on the work of Sámi parties and lists.


Josefsen, Eva; Mörkenstam, Ulf; Nilsson, Ragnhild & Saglie, Jo (red.) (2017). Ett folk, ulike valg : Sametingsvalg i Norge og Sverige. Gyldendal Akademisk. ISBN 978-82-05-50841-5.  259 s.


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Johannes Bergh Research Professor PhD +47 943 88 242
Jo Saglie Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 991 62 131
Bernt Aardal Professor Emeritus Dr. philos. +47 22 84 42 34 +47 924 34 801
Eva Josefsen
Torunn Pettersen
Áila Márge Varsi Balto
Eli Skogerbø
Tags: Elections and Democracy
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