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The participatory rights of children in Norwegian immigration

Project period 2007 - 2008
Project nr. 415.105

 INPUT { behavior:url(;} TABLE { behavior: url( ; }INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, .FCK__Anchor, .FCK__PageBreak { behavior: url( ; }The project´s objective is to describe and assess to what extend and how prevailing regulations, routines and procedures of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the police and the foreign service missions are in accordance with the State´s obligations as established by article 12 on the right of participation in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The project consists of three parts: 1) A discussion of the obligations inherent in the participatory rights of children as established by legislation and regulations for different case procedures and situations involving children (asylum, family immigration, residence permits, visa applications etc.). 2) A description and assessment of how children participate in practice in different case procedures and situations. 3) A description and analysis of how information about children´s situation and experiences is reflected in the assessment of the case and rendered visible in decisions. The assessment of the immigration authorities´ practice with respect to children requires the use of different methodic approaches. The researchers will undertake interviews with case workers in the UDI, the police and the foreign service missions, gather and study an account of the quantity of conversations with children in the UDI, as well as a survey of the scope and type of cases involving children. Furthermore, the research will include an enquiry of how information from and about children is gathered by a relevant selection of Norwegian embassies, observation of the immigration authorities´ conversations with children, as well as a study of relevant case files and decisions.


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Published June 24, 2008 4:27 PM