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Completed project

New forms of collective action

Project period 2014 - 2017
Project employer Kulturdepartementet, Barne-, likestillings- og inkluderingsdepartementet, Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet, Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet
Project nr. 10023.4

Project Background

The various forms of mobilisation and participation within civil society are changing. While the relationship between voluntary organisations and their members change, new forms of participation emerge alongside the established structures.

Project Approach

This project highlighted the extent and significance of such new forms of collective action, along with how new forms of mobilisation and organisation affect civil society as an arena of engagement, expression and community. We focused particularly on three types of change processes and the new types of participation and organisation that accompany them:

  • Digitalization and the growth of social media.

  • The growth of new local forms of organising.

  • The growth of a multicultural, transnational civil society.


Enjolras, Bernard & Eimhjellen, Ivar (red.) (2018). Fra kollektiv til konnektiv handling? Nye former for samfunnsengasjement og kollektiv handling i Norge. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 9788202590420.  302 s. Fulltext in Research Archive (in Norwegian).


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Audun Beyer Affiliated Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 402 23 626
Ivar Eimhjellen Senior Research Fellow PhD
Per Selle Professor Dr. Polit
Kari Steen-Johnsen Research Professor PhD +47 906 49 417
Kristin Strømsnes Professor Dr. polit
Steinar Gjerde
Jørn Ljunggren
Tags: Civil Society, Digitalization
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