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Completed project

Minority population and voluntary participation

Project period 2018 - 2020
Project employer Kulturdepartementet
Project leader Ivar Eimhjellen

Project Background

Civil society and voluntary organizations are an important arena for integration of the minority population. In previous research conducted by The Center, it has proven challenging to collect good data on voluntary participation and engagement amongst individuals with a minority background. We will attempt to collaborate with Statistics Norway to get access to data from the living-condition survey on people with an immigrant background, and we will explore possibilities of connecting the national registry and information on board members in the voluntary registry.

Project Aim

With this collection of data, it will be possible to gain new knowledge on voluntary participation within the minority population. In addition, with a new data collection on voluntary effort in Norway, we will also include a supplementary sample of immigrants and implement measurements to help improve the response rate in this population. This could give us important new knowledge and comparable numbers concerning the immigrant population’s participation in the voluntary sector.



Sveinung Arnesen PhD Associate professor II Send e-mail
Ivar Eimhjellen PhD Senior Research Fellow Send e-mail
Tags: Civil Society
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