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Completed project

Equal Pay Report

Project period Februar 2019 - August 2019
Project employer Fellesorganisasjonen (FO)
Project nr. 10385
Project leader Ines Wagner
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Project Approach

In connection with the equal pay strategy of the Norwegian Union of Social Educators and Social Workers (FO), CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality prepares an equal pay report. The report will cover the status of equal pay and will constitute a factual basis. The Equal Pay report will focus on educational groups and pay differences between women and men with up to 4 years of higher education.

The project will partly assess how central perceptions about equal pay and deductions from the wage bargaining system can have an impact on, and possibly be a barrier to, equal pay development between women and men. This part of the project will be based on analysis of policy documents, partly public reports and partly LO's own policy documents on equal pay and in connection with wage settlements.

The project will also quantitatively elucidate wages and economic differences between women and men in Norwegian society, with particular emphasis on wage differences between occupational groups who recruit from groups with a 4-year bachelor's degree.


Ines Wagner PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 907 82 170 Send e-mail
Kjersti Misje Østbakken PhD Research Director, Work and Welfare +47 991 62 556 Send e-mail
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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