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Completed project

Management wages and pay for other high wage workers

Project period 2008 - 2009

In this project we use available data and statistics to describe the development in wage dispersion in Norway along several dimensions. We also study at the workplace and firm level the relationship between wage dispersion and performance (profitability, productivity) as well as the relationship between the development in top wages for worker wages. This project will finally also address issues as how changes in normative, social and economic factors may affect the wage dispersion in Norway, and will summarize the current literature on wage dispersion and management pay setting.


Harald Dale-Olsen Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 482 83 527 +47 958 08 463 Send e-mail
Kjersti Misje Østbakken PhD Research Director, Work and Welfare +47 991 62 556 Send e-mail
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