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Completed project

Women of immigrant background in the labour market

Project period December 2018 - May 2019
Project employer Arbeidsgiverforeningen Spekter
Project nr. 10380
Project leader Marjan Nadim
bilde av to tannhjul med ikoner

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Project Background

Norwegian women have high levels of labour market participation. Thus, it is not surprising that immigrant women in Norway have lower labour market participation rates.

Nevertheless, gender equality and women's work are a central concern in the debate on immigration and integration. Among other things, there is a fear that immigrants bring with them cultural values that threaten the Norwegian gender equality model, and a concern for the welfare state's sustainability and increasing inequality if large groups remain outside the labour market.

Project Approach

In this project we examine patterns of labour market participation, as well as possible explanations for the differences between immigrants and the wider population.

The project is financed by the Norwegian Employers' Association Spekter.


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Live Kjos Fjell
Tags: Gender Equality, Migration
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