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Women in finance

Not wanted, not able or not willing? About culture, career choices, opportunities and valuation of competence and responsibility.

Project period December 2018 - May 2019
Project employer Finansforbundet, with support from Finansmarkedsfondet
Project nr. 10381
Project leader Sigtona Halrynjo
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Statistics (Statistics Norway, 2017) show a significant gender pay gap in the Norwegian finance sector. Although the industry as a whole is gender balanced, there is a considerable underrepresentation of women in both management and top earning positions. Furthermore, statistics show a substantial gender pay gap among women and men within management and top earning positions in the industry.  

Based on these gender differences in the finance sector, CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality, at the Institute for Social Research is conducting an in-depth study on women and men’s career paths in finance.  The project aims to contribute to new insight into the following:

  • Culture
  • Career choices
  • Experiences of opportunities and limitations
  • Significance of children and care responsibilities
  • Evaluation of competence and responsibility

We make use of qualitative in-depth interviews and recruit women and men from different areas within the finance sector in order to gain insight into similarities and differences in women and men’s career paths and experiences of opportunities and limitations.


Halrynjo, Sigtona; Kjos, Hannah Løke & Torjussen, Sahra Ali Abdullahi (2019). Kvinner og karriere i finans: Får ikke, kan ikke eller vil ikke? [Women and Career in Finance: Not allowed, not able or not willing?]. Report – Institutt for samfunnsforskning. 2019:7.

Main findings infographics from the study (pdf-file, in Norwegian)


Sigtona Halrynjo PhD Senior Resarch Fellow +47 481 21 698 Send e-mail
Sahra Ali Abdullahi Torjussen
Hannah Løke Kjos
Tags: Gender Equality, Working Life
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