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Completed project

Literature review of research on hate speech

Project period 2016 - 2016
Project employer The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Familiy Affairs (Bufdir)
Project nr. 10168
Project leader Marjan Nadim

Illustrasjon: ISF.

The project has resulted in three reports:

Report 1

The first report gathers, summarises and evaluates research on:

  • The prevalence of hate speech online and developments over time

  • What groups are targets of hate speech

  • Who produces hate speech and what drives them

Report 2

Report 2 gathers, summarises and evaluates research on:

  • The relationship between hate speech and discrimination, bullying and violence

  • Research on the consequences of hate speech for the victims and for society

Report 3

The third report addresses:

  • How hate speech is defined and regulated in international and national law and in relevant court practice

  • Research on the relationship between freedom of speech and the protection from hate speech 



ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Audun Fladmoe Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 924 82 023
Marjan Nadim Research Professor PhD +47 916 09 108
Helga Eggebø (KUN)
Jon Wessel-Aas
Elisabeth Stubberud (KUN)
Tags: Digitalization
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