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Ongoing project

Cultural institutions and volunteerism II

Project period 2019 - 2021
Project employer Kulturdepartementet
Project leader Signe Bock Segaard

Project Background

The research project overall focus is voluntary work in public and publicly funded cultural institutions, the purpose of which is to look at various issues raised in the report Volunteerism in public and publicly funded cultural institutions written by Dag Wollebæk (2018), from the project Cultural Institutions and Volunteerism I. The project is in this way a follow-up and elaboration of this report which gave a descriptive analysis of volunteerism in the cultural field based on a web-based survey among various cultural institutions: library, archive, museum, music institution, performing arts institution and institution for visual art.

The elaboration involves a close-up study of two specific themes within the framework of a qualitative case approach, while the follow-up involves a repetition of the online-based survey in 2021 to reveal change versus stability over a 3-year period.



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Tags: Civil Society
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