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Completed project

Intersections: Gender equality politics, family politics and integration politics

Project period 2006 - 2009
Project nr. 412.052

The purpose of the project is to analyse how issues of gender equality intersects with and are problematised in relation to family politics and minority/integration politics. The project aims to analyse conceptions of integration/ethnic minorities within family politics – and conceptions of family and gender equality within integration politics. The questions addressed concern to what extent and how policymaking concerning gender equality – and family politics reflects and consider issues of integration politics, and vice versa. The empirical project will analyse political documents on family, gender equality and integration politics in general and select some specific cases directly involving these three dimensions. Finally, the Norwegian debate will be compared to the Danish debates on these issues. The project will cooperate with the University of Aalborg , and associate professor Anette Borchorst.


Mari Teigen Dr. polit. Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality +47 482 07 137 Send e-mail
Published June 24, 2008 3:56 PM