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Completed project

Female genital cutting in Norway – prevalence assessment and suggested future strategies

Project period 2007 - 2008
Project nr. 415.106

The purpose of the project is to discuss the extent to which young girls are subjected to female genital cutting, and to provide suggestions as to which efforts are considered most fruitful in abandoning the practice. The project will a) provide a qualified discussion on the possible extent of female circumcision, b) provide knowledge on the manifestations of the laws on averting and the obligation to report in different professions and c) gather and discuss different professions’ and targets’ assessments of efficient strategies against female circumcision.
To assess prevalence, we will use statistical indicators as starting points, which will subsequently be more fully explored by a qualitative survey and interviews with relevant institutions working with childhood, adolescence and health.
We will make use of several sources of data: 1) statistical material, 2) survey that includes health services, child welfare authorities and schools/kindergarten, and 3) interviews with relevant professions within the health service, child welfare services and schools/kindergarten. We will also interview religious leaders and resource persons within the relevant milieu, as well as a selection of adolescent men and women within the target group.


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Published June 24, 2008 4:27 PM