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Completed project

Gender differences in occupational- and sectoral labour mobility in Norway

Project period 2015 - 2017
Project employer Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Project nr. 10136
Project leader Kjersti Misje Østbakken


Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to examine the degree of gender segregation in the Norwegian labour market since the beginning of the 1990s. 

Project Approach

The project is fourfold: First, to map and examine trends in labour mobility between occupations, industries and sectors, and to identify occupations and educations with high turnover.

Secondly, to quantify and get insight into the contribution from i) changes in labour demand and ii) labour supply.

Thirdly, the project will shed light on trends in gender segregations over the lifecycle.

Fourth, map and systematize scientific research in Europe, focusing on the Nordic countries.

In addition we will perform comparative empirical analysis on the labour mobility patterns in Europe.  The main contribution of this project is to measure developments in gender segregation in the labour market and in the educational sector, over a long period of time. To our knowledge, the latter exercise for the first time.


Erling Barth Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 930 91 410 Send e-mail
Inés Hardoy Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 472 45 113 Send e-mail
Liza Reisel PhD Research Director, Equality, inclusion, migration +47 975 71 460 Send e-mail
Pål Schøne PhD Research Professor +47 986 22 125 Send e-mail
Kjersti Misje Østbakken PhD Research Director, Work and Welfare +47 991 62 556 Send e-mail
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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