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Completed project

Gender, career and childcare responsibilities among economists

Project period April 2019 - April 2020
Project employer Econa (Norwegian trade union for business administrators)
Project nr. 10406
Project leader Sigtona Halrynjo
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Background: Gender Gap in Career and Salary

Earlier studies have shown a gap in career and wages between female and male economists especially related to children and childcare responsibilities – not sufficiently explained by differences in preferences.

Project Approach: New survey

Econa has asked CORE, Center for Research on Gender Equality, at the Institute for Social Research to follow up the PhD-study "Career, competency realization and care responsibility in elite professions" (Halrynjo 2010) with a new survey that can provide updated knowledge of the situation among female and male economists.

The survey will provide answers to questions such as:

  • How equal / unequal are the careers of female and male economists?
  • Has the career gap diminished in the last decade?
  • Is career, pay and responsibility as important to women as to men?
  • Can gender differences in career and wages be explained by women having different preferences than men? Or is it more about different conditions for career?
  • Do economists prefer gender equal or gender traditional work-family adaptation? Has it changed in the last decade?
  • How do economists distribute responsibility for children and family logistics? Who has "ground crew" at home?
  • Has the work-family adaptation become more gender equal and what does family and care responsibilities mean for a career?
  • What requirements and expectations do economists feel that they have to handle at different job levels and in different sectors, and what requirements and expectations are perceived as compatible / incompatible with different life situations?
  • What differences can we identify between different sectors / industries / type jobs?


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Sigtona Halrynjo Senior Resarch Fellow PhD +47 481 21 698
Silje Bringsrud Fekjær (OsloMet)
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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