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Completed project

Gender equality policy: support, policy development and practice

Project period 2020 - 2020
Project employer Ministry of Culture
Project nr. 10453
Project leader Mari Teigen


Gender equality development in Norway has been promoted through gender equality legislation; an equality oriented family policy, by integrating the gender equality perspective in policy development and by schemes to promote gender balance in education, politics, in public boards, councils and committees, in business boards and in a number of other decision-making boards. Although Norwegian society has changed significantly in the direction of increased gender equality over the past decades, knowledge of the importance of equality policy for these processes of change is limited.

Research questions

We examine support for gender equality policy and policy development and practice in the gender field in several ways. Firstly, we analyze the attitudes of Norwegian top managers to equality through analysis of the Norwegian leadership surveys. We examine top managers' attitudes to gender equality in a change perspective, across social sectors and across different goals of gender equality. Secondly, we examine how the debate on the "boy problem" in the education system is understood in an equality perspective. We are concerned about how this is debated and what kind of knowledge is central and made relevant. Thirdly, we analyze how Norwegian gender equality policy is "branded" foreign policy, and how gender equality policy in foreign policy appears to be the same and / or different from what has been the main lines of Norwegian gender equality policy within a national framework.


Cathrine Holst Ph.d. Affiliated Professor +47 22 85 88 89 Send e-mail
Mari Teigen Dr. polit. Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality +47 482 07 137 Send e-mail
Tags: Gender Equality
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