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Completed project

Gender, ownership and local culture

Project period 2008 - 2011
Project employer Nordlandsforskning; Norges forskningsråd

This project examines the gender relations embedded in property relations and traditions of ownership. The focus is put on gender and ownership and how ideas about gender inform and are constituted by property relations in capitalist societies. Local traditions of ownership will be studied to gain understanding on gendred structures within the business sector, and how this is interwoven with the local community. This involves questions concerning how different economic activities are valued and gendred. We will explore how specific local traditions of ownership influence and are shaped by cultural norms of gender within the local community, in particularly those concerning appropriate economic roles for women and men.
A multi-displinary approche is taken to intergrate historical and comparative perspectives, and to bridge the barriers between studies of economy and culture. The project is a collobartion between ISF, Nordland Research Institute and Department of history, University of Oslo.


Jorun Solheim Mag. art. Affiliated Researcher +47 904 06 747 Send e-mail
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