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Ongoing project

Research Policy and the Boundaries of the Ideal Academic – REBOUND

Project period 2019 - 2022
Project employer Norges Forskningsråd
Project nr. 10354
Project leader Liza Reisel
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Project Background

In this project we investigate the impact of recent trends toward internationalization and excellence in Norwegian and international research policies, on recruitment and self-selection in Norwegian academia. A main question is how gatekeepers within academic institutions, and aspiring academics, adapt and respond to an occupational landscape that is increasingly international and competitive.

Our focus will be on the dynamics of gender, but studied through an intersectional lens, where national/ethnic origin, age, and family, emerge as key intersecting dimensions. Who does the system work for, and who falls through?

Project Aim

This project will explore questions that go beyond the individual institutional setting in order to advance our understanding of the interplay and possible conflict between research policy and equality policy, and how these contribute to diversify or homogenize Norwegian academic institutions.

Against this backdrop, a pressing question is what kinds of academics are recruited within the current research political context, and who are the institutions able to attract? How do gatekeepers and potential candidates interpret, and act on, the current research political signals? Moreover, how does the institutional implementation of research political goals affect the development of diverse research perspectives and approaches?

Project Approach

We will use state of the art theories and methods from various social sciences to advance our understanding of the problem, predominantly sociology, political science, and gender studies. The research team consists of interdisciplinary social scientists at the Institute for Social Research (ISF), in collaboration with Aarhus University and several stakeholders, drawing a wider network of experts.


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Sigtona Halrynjo Senior Resarch Fellow PhD +47 481 21 698
Marjan Nadim Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 916 09 108
Julia Orupabo Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 976 66 787
Liza Reisel Research Director, Equality, inclusion, migration PhD +47 975 71 460
Mari Teigen Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality Dr. polit. +47 482 07 137
Mathias Wullum Nielsen (Universitetet i Aarhus)
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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