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Ongoing project

Far right politics online and societal resilience (FREXO)

Project period September 2019 - May 2023
Project employer The Research Council of Norway
Project nr. 10352 / NFR: 295985
Project leader Kari Steen-Johnsen
Man sitting on a chair reading a burning newspaper

Photo: Nijwam Swargiary, Unsplash

Project background

The rise of online media has created new opportunities for communication, organization and mobilization by right wing extremist and right wing radical political groups. The FREXO project investigates how online media affect the mobilizing capacity and the broader societal and political impact of far right politics. We combine two sub-studies that examine how far right extremist groups and hyper-partisan alternative media produce and distribute content, with two sub-studies that study the impact of far right communication on public opinion, and the specific impact of far right online hate speech. Together these four studies will shed light on how far right political content is produced and disseminated and how it influences the broad population as well as target groups.

Project approach

The study compares the situation in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, which share a set of similarities, but that differ in the organization and mobilization of the far right, as well as in the occurrence and visibility of hyper partisan media. These factors may condition how far right politics online impact on the three respective societies.

FREXO will employ a range of different methods to pursue its research aims; combining online network analysis, content analysis, population representative surveys and interviews with editors of hyperpartisan and mainstream media, with ordinary citizens and with targets of far right hate speech.

The project is in collaboration with C-REX/UiO and OsloMet


ParticipantDegree PhoneE-mail
Bernard Enjolras Research Professor, Director Center for research on civil society and voluntary sector PhD +47 976 89 237
Audun Fladmoe Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 924 82 023
Kari Steen-Johnsen Research Director, Politics, democracy, civil society PhD +47 906 49 417
Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk (Oslomet)
Anders Ravik Jupskås (C-REX, UiO)
Tine Ustad Figenschou (Oslomet)


  •  (2020). Knowing what’s (far) right. A compendium.
  • Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk; Tine Ustad Figenschou & Birgitte P. Haanshuus (2020). What is the relationship between the far right and the media?.

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  • Audun Fladmoe & Marjan Nadim (2020). Erfaringer med mobbing og hatprat blant unge i Oslo.
  • Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk & Tine Ustad Figenschou (2020). Populist Media Criticism: Responses From Journalism.
  •  (2020). Å stå i drittstormen.
  •  (2020). Bergljot (22) vart hetsa: – Det er altfor mykje sånt i politikken.
  • Hans Peter Tranøy & Anders Ravik Jupskås (2020). Hvem er medlemmene i Sian? Vi spurte dem. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.).
  • Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk (2019). Ytre høyre og alternative medier.
  • Kari Steen-Johnsen (2019). Ytre høyre på nett og samfunnets motstandskraft.
  • Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk (2019). Alternative medier og ytre høyre: polarisering og profesjonalisering.
  •  (2019). Skal forske på ytre høyre på nett: aldri noen enkel oppgave å klassifisere aktører.

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Tags: Elections and Democracy, Civil Society, Digitalization
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