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Ongoing project

Evaluation of Norwegian Advisory team against trafficking of children

Project period 1995 - 1995
Project employer Bufdir
Project nr. 10397
Project leader Hilde Lidén

In 2019 Norway initiated a national advisory team against trafficking of children. The research project evaluates the team’s advisory tasks, identification of best practice, and contributes to a cumulative knowledge base on research and on practitioners’ experiences from identification and support to child victims of trafficking.

Methodologically, the evaluation includes interviews, desk research (legal documents, case law, case identified in the child welfare service) and a research literature review.


Anne Skevik Grødem Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 920 56 232 Send e-mail
Hilde Lidén Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 951 23 660 Send e-mail
Tags: Welfare, Migration
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