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Ongoing project

Ethnic and religious diversity in Norwegian work-life

Attitudes, experiences, discrimination and practices

Project period November 2018 - January 2020
Project employer Bufdir
Project leader Jan-Paul Brekke

In this project, we describe and analyze the attitudes, experiences and practices with regard to ethnic and religious minorities in five sectors of the Norwegian working life: leaders in the public and private sectors and managers and staff in schools, kindergartens and child welfare. The basis is a survey with 9,000 answers.

While several studies have discussed the situation for immigrants in working life, less attention has been paid to attitudes towards and practices involving indigenous peoples (Sami) and national minorities (forest Finns, Kven / Norwegian Finns, Roma (Gypsies), Romani / Taters, Jews). This study analyzes attitudes in the five sectors toward these understudies groups, in addition to attitudes toward immigrants and their descendants.


Jan-Paul Brekke Dr. polit. Senior Research Fellow +47 918 79 903 Send e-mail
Audun Fladmoe PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 924 82 023 Send e-mail
Hilde Lidén Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 951 23 660 Send e-mail
Julia Orupabo PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 976 66 787 Send e-mail
Tags: Migration
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