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Completed project

Experiences with hate speech

Project period January 2018 - December 2018
Project employer Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet (Bufdir)
Project leader Audun Fladmoe

Illustration: ISF.

Project Aim

The aim of this project was:

  1. to develop a survey-based approach to study the prevalence of hate speech in different groups of the population
  2. to measure the prevalence of experiences with hate speech among lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT people) and in the general population

Project Approach

We have developed a questionnaire that, using a broad approach, measures experiences with receiving and observing hate speech on different arenas. The questionnaire was developed so that the study can be repeated over time and across countries.

Furthermore, we employed the questionnaire to carry out several surveys. First, we measured the prevalence of experiences with hate speech among LGBT people and in the general population. Second, in order to secure that the questionnaire and methodological approach is valid across different groups in the population, we conducted the survey among members of selected organizations and congregations that organize relevant minority groups.


Fladmoe, Audun; Nadim, Marjan & Birkvad, Simon Roland (2019). Erfaringer med hatytringer og hets blant LHBT-personer, andre minoritetsgrupper og den øvrige befolkningen (in Norwegian). Rapport – Institutt for samfunnsforskning. 2019:4.


Audun Fladmoe PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 924 82 023 Send e-mail
Marjan Nadim PhD Research Professor +47 916 09 108 Send e-mail
Tags: Gender Equality, Migration, Elections and Democracy, Civil Society, Digitalization
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