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Completed project

Convergence or segregation?

Regional imbalances and labormarket flows.

Project period 2012 - 2015
Project employer The Research Council of Norway
Project nr. 410.098

The goal of the project is to increase the understanding of how economic differences between regions influence labor flows and how labor flows contribute to convergence and/or divergence between regions as well as improve individual outcomes. 

Further we want to analyse how mobility contributes to economic growth, and to study how local labor markets/economic regions respond to labor demand shocks. Empirical analyses will be undertaken using register data.


Erling Barth Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 930 91 410 Send e-mail
Marianne Røed Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 480 39 594 Send e-mail
Pål Schøne PhD Research Professor +47 986 22 125 Send e-mail


  • Marianne Røed & Pål Schøne (2012). Does immigration increase labour market flexibility?. Labour Economics.  19, s 527- 540

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Tags: Working Life
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