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Completed project

Asylum seeker children and children's rights

Project period 2005 - 2008
Project nr. 415.023

The object of the research project is to discuss Norwegian asylum policy based on the guiding principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the best interests of the child, the principle of non-discrimination, the survival and development of the child and the right to participation. The project includes:

1) A study of children`s status in the asylum-seeking process.The part project investigates to what extent children are given individual rights in the asylum proceedings, and discusses how asylum policy and practice are affected by rights dilemmas created by international human rights conventions and national legislation. The study takes the Directorate of Immigration`s (UDI) practice on hearing children as its starting point, and subsequently seeks to analyze how children`s experiences are taken into account upon making the decision on asylum

2) Their life in reception centres, including survey datas and fielswork

3) Case studies conducted in two reception centres of children accompanying their parents as well as their families. Central research questions are: To what extent are children given individual rights in the asylum-seeking process as well as during their stay in Norway? Are children seeking asylum provided with the same rights of access as Norwegian children to i.e. education, child welfare and health services? What is the framework around their lives; are children and families facilitated in a special way? How do they experience the flight and stay pending their asylum applications? Different methods will be employed to bring forth children`s experiences and points of view; such as photography, drawings and text, as well as conversations and interviews.


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