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Completed project

Old age pensions and the household’s adaptability

Project period 2008 - 2009
Project nr. 410.080

Pensions represent a distribution of income over the life cycle. Pensions are becoming increasingly individually oriented. At the same time there are potential links between labour market participation, income level, pension behaviour and the level of pension benefit between spouses. Studying these correlations are important factors in the understanding of pension behaviour and when analysing the distributional effect of the pension system. This is particularly import when it comes to widow’s pension (survival pension). In relation to the pension reform there is also a need to come to grips with how to deal with the adaptability of the spouses at the household and individual level.

The project focuses on the relation between the level of pension benefit and pension behaviour between spouses. It has the intention of contributing to better understanding of the relationship between labour market participation, income level and pension behaviour among spouses. The project will include an overview of the research literature on the subject. It will also include descriptive empirical analyses based on register data regarding: i) relationship among spouses when it comes to behaviour related to labour market participation, working time and income level and ii) relationship between spouses as regards benefit level of old age pension.


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