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Ongoing project

Active equality efforts

Public authorities and employers’ activity duty and the duty to issue a statement

Project period 2022 - 2026
Project nr. 10623
Project leaders Mari Teigen, Runa B. Myklebust
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Project background

All Norwegian public authorities and employers are obliged to work actively, targeted and systematically to promote equality and prevent discrimination. This obligation is called the activity duty and the duty to issue a statement (ARP). The Equality and Anti-discrimination Act states that employers shall prevent discrimination and promote equality on the grounds of gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion/belief, ethnicity, pregnancy, leave in connection with childbirth or adoption, care responsibilities.

Project aim

This project aims to develop new knowledge about public authorities and employers’ activity duty and duty to issue a statement. The research questions are: What role do the duties play in the employers’ equality and anti-discrimination work? How are the duties understood and lived up to? What promotes and hinders employers’ equality and anti-discrimination work? P

Project approach

To answer the research questions, we will conduct interviews with employers about their work with ARP, analyse public documents, study the implications of ARP through register data, and investigate how the Equality and Anti-discrimination Act is legally enforced. In addition to studying these questions empirically, we will review the existing literature and develop the theoretical understandings of multi-dimensional anti-discrimination work in a Norwegian context.   


Runa Brandal Myklebust Ph.D. Senior Research Fellow +47 481 80 013 Send e-mail
Marjan Nadim PhD Research Professor +47 916 09 108 Send e-mail
Julia Orupabo PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 976 66 787 Send e-mail
Liza Reisel PhD Research Professor +47 975 71 460 Send e-mail
Mari Teigen Dr. polit. Research professor, Director CORE – Centre for Research on Gender Equality +47 482 07 137 Send e-mail
Janis Umblijs PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 925 27 810 Send e-mail
Tags: Working Life, Gender Equality
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