Magnus Bergli Rasmussen

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Position Affiliated researcher
Degree PhD
Contact +47 995 17 477

Magnus holds a phd. from Aarhus university and a master from Oslo university in political science. 

His main research interests include comparative welfare state policies,trade unions, electoral systems, and the collection of historical data on labor markets

He also works on immigration, strikes, working time regulation, autocratic regime survival and party systems.

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Tags: Welfare


  • Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli & Skorge, Øyvind Søraas (2020). The business of change: Employers and work-family policy reforms, In Dennie Oude Nijhuis (ed.),  Business Interests and the Development of the Modern Welfare State.  Routledge.  ISBN 9780815377917.  10. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Knutsen, Carl Henrik & Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli (2019). Majoritarian systems, rural groups, and (arrested) welfare state development. International Political Science Review. . doi: 10.1177/0192512118809106 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli & Knutsen, Carl Henrik (2019). Party Institutionalization and Welfare State Development. British Journal of Political Science. . doi: 10.1017/S0007123419000498
  • Knutsen, Carl Henrik & Rasmussen, Magnus (2018). The Autocratic Welfare State: Old-Age Pensions, Credible Commitments, and Regime Survival. Comparative Political Studies.  51(5), s 659- 695 . doi: 10.1177/0010414017710265 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Knutsen, Carl Henrik & Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli (2018). Electoral Rules, Labor Market Coordination and Macroeconomic Performance. Scandinavian Political Studies.  41(3), s 367- 378 . doi: 10.1111/1467-9477.12126 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Rasmussen, Magnus & Pontusson, Jonas (2017). Working-Class Strength by Institutional Design? Unionization, Partisan Politics, and Unemployment Insurance Systems, 1870 to 2010. Comparative Political Studies.  51(6), s 793- 828 . doi: 10.1177/0010414017710269 Show summary

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  • Pedersen, Axel West; Grødem, Anne Skevik; Rasmussen, Magnus Bergli & Wagner, Ines (2019). Inntektssikring for befolkningen i yrkesaktiv alder – en sammenligning av syv nordeuropeiske land.

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  • Knutsen, Carl Henrik & Rasmussen, Magnus (2017). Offering pensions can help autocrats stay in power longer. Washington Post.
  • Rasmussen, Magnus (2017). Forskning viser at: Velgerne går til høyre i nedgangstider. Dagens næringsliv.
  • Rasmussen, Magnus; Jensen, Carsten & Andersen, David (2017). Suffering from Suffrage: Welfare State Development and the Politics of Negative Conditionality.
  • Rasmussen, Magnus & Knutsen, Carl Henrik (2017). Party Institutionalization and Welfare State Development. Show summary
  • Sterri, Aksel Braanen & Rasmussen, Magnus (2011). Sommerferieeffekten. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift.  28(2), s 213- 218

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