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Picture of Audun Beyer Beyer, Audun Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 402 23 626 audun.beyer@samfunnsforskning.no Digitalization, Migration, Elections and Democracy
Picture of Tordis Borchgrevink Borchgrevink, Tordis Affiliated Researcher Mag. art. +47 476 02 884 tordis.borchgrevink@samfunnsforskning.no Migration
Picture of Jan-Paul Brekke Brekke, Jan-Paul Senior Research Fellow Dr. polit. +47 918 79 903 jan.p.brekke@samfunnsforskning.no Migration
Picture of Hilde Lidén Lidén, Hilde Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 951 23 660 hilde.liden@samfunnsforskning.no Migration
Picture of Jørn Ljunggren Ljunggren, Jørn Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 419 21 291 jorn.ljunggren@samfunnsforskning.no Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Arnfinn H.  Midtbøen Midtbøen, Arnfinn H. Research Professor PhD +47 920 82 553 a.h.midtboen@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Ferdinand Andreas Mohn Mohn, Ferdinand Andreas Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 484 44 280 Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Marjan Nadim Nadim, Marjan Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 916 09 108 marjan.nadim@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Julia Orupabo Orupabo, Julia Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 976 66 787 julia.orupabo@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Liza  Reisel Reisel, Liza Research Director, Equality, inclusion, migration PhD +47 975 71 460 liza.reisel@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration
Picture of Marianne Røed Røed, Marianne Research Professor Dr. polit. +47 480 39 594 marianne.roed@samfunnsforskning.no Migration, Working Life
Picture of Pål Schøne Schøne, Pål Research Director, Work and Welfare PhD +47 986 22 125 pal.schone@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Gender Equality, Welfare, Migration
Picture of Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud Thorbjørnsrud, Kjersti Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 951 09 236 kjersti.thorbjornsrud@samfunnsforskning.no Welfare, Elections and Democracy, Migration, Digitalization
Picture of Sahra Ali Abdullahi Torjussen Torjussen, Sahra Ali Abdullahi Research Assistant M. Sc. +47 980 17 240 s.a.a.torjussen@samfunnsforskning.no Gender Equality, Migration, Civil Society
Picture of Janis  Umblijs Umblijs, Janis Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 925 27 810 janis.umblijs@samfunnsforskning.no Migration, Working Life
Picture of Ines Wagner Wagner, Ines Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 907 82 170 ines.wagner@samfunnsforskning.no Working Life, Welfare, Migration
Picture of Marte Winsvold Winsvold, Marte Senior Research Fellow PhD +47 930 33 752 m.s.winsvold@samfunnsforskning.no Migration, Civil Society, Elections and Democracy