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Historical and comparative studies are central in welfare state research at the Institute for Social Research.

How welfare policies develop and change, and the outcomes of such policies, are important topics for research. In welfare state research at the Institute for Social Research, both historical and comparative studies are central: we analyse how individual schemes have changed over time and how Norwegian schemes perform compared to similar schemes in other countries.

Welfare researchers at the institute also study popular support for the welfare system and how this can change in light of, for instance, high immigration or rising unemployment.

A third overarching topic is how welfare systems work. Do they protect citizens from inequality and poverty and do they help to maintain high employment rates?

In 2016, the Institute for Social Research was granted funding from the Research Council of Norway to continue its work as a national core research centre on social security. Opinion formation, sickness absence and migration are among the priority topics.


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Staffan Kumlin Fil.Dr., Docent Research Professor (Professor of political science, the University of Oslo) +47 472 86 824 Send e-mail
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Marte Mangset PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 991 65 659 Send e-mail
Øyvind Søraas Skorge PhD Senior Research Fellow +1 617 335 5026 Send e-mail
Pål Schøne PhD Research Director, Work and Welfare +47 986 22 125 Send e-mail
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