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Media and the public sphere

In recent years, media and the public sphere has emerged as a research topic at the Institute for Social Research. Constant changes in the media landscape raise new issues of public debate, political communication and citizen participation in democracy.

In collaboration between political scientists, sociologists and media scientists, broad research on these topics has emerged at the Institute for Social Research in recent years. We combine research on how parties, politicians and public authorities communicate in public, with research on citizens' attitudes and participation in politics and civil society.

Debate cultures in the new public and the consequences of these are given special attention, and we are researching the limits of freedom of speech and the prevalence of hate speech. The topic also includes specific studies of the media and media systems within a globalized and digitized context, as well as projects on communication and governance in ministries, both internally and externally.


Arnfinn H. Midtbøen PhD Associate Professor, Research Professor +47 920 82 553 Send e-mail
Audun Beyer PhD Affiliated Senior Research Fellow +47 402 23 626 Send e-mail
Atle Hennum Haugsgjerd PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 930 58 583 Send e-mail
Bernard Enjolras PhD Research Professor, Director Center for research on civil society and voluntary sector +47 976 89 237 Send e-mail
Erling Barth Dr. polit. Research Professor +47 930 91 410 Send e-mail
Jan-Paul Brekke Dr. polit. Senior Research Fellow +47 918 79 903 Send e-mail
Kari Steen-Johnsen PhD Research Director, Politics, democracy, civil society +47 906 49 417 Send e-mail
Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud PhD Research Professor +47 951 09 236 Send e-mail
Rune Karlsen PhD Research Professor (20% position) Send e-mail
Signe Bock Segaard PhD Senior Research Fellow +47 994 28 724 Send e-mail
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