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Migration across the Mediterranean

Seminar December 6: Border control, human rights and burden sharing

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Half-day seminar on migration management around the Mediterranean and its consequences. 

Watch the full seminar here:

Asylum arrivals to Norway are at a record low. The EU-Turkey agreement made in 2016 more or less stopped refugees and migrants from crossing into Greece, and this summer, deals with Libyan and other African countries led to a drop in migrants crossing from Libya to Italy.

We have gathered experts on the whole migration-chain to Oslo, to discuss Europe’s current efforts to control what is labeled as irregular migration and its consequences. The seminar will cover the whole migration-chain; migrants leaving sending countries, travelling through transit countries in Northern Africa, across the Mediterranean into Italy and Europe. Norwegian perspectives will be highlighted throughout. 

We will hear about EU’s (and Norway’s) long term cooperation with sending and transit countries to prevent migration; deals struck with Libya and other countries to strengthen border controls; the sometimes chaotic operative situations in the Mediterranean involving Norwegian ships; about the consequences for Italy as the first country of asylum; EUs suggested solutions for burden sharing and what this means for Norway.

We ask:

  • How is the EU (and Norway) working to manage irregular migration to Europe today?
  • How are the human rights of refugees and migrants secured?
  • How does Italy deal with the high number of asylum seekers that have arrived since 2014?
  • What schemes of responsibility/burden sharing are currently being discussed in the EU?  And, what is Norway’s position?
  • What moral challenges can be identified in the current efforts to manage irregular migration to Europe?


12.30–12.55 Opening – Setting the scene, Jan-Paul Brekke, Institute for Social Research

12.55–13.40 The current situation in the Mediterranean, Stefano Torelli, European Council on Foreign Relations, Rome

13.40–13.55 Break

13.55–14.15 Norway's Contribution to "search and rescue" Operations in the Mediterranean, Lise Dunham, National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS)

14.15–14.35 The humanitarian situation for migrants crossing the Mediterranean, Itta Helland-Hansen, Doctors without borders

14.35–14.50 Break

14.50–15.35 "Once they reach Italy..." – Migration management post arrival, Giulia Paglione, Norwegian Embassy in Rome

15.35–16.00 Panel – comments – Q&A

You will hear:

  • Stefano Torelli, Expert on international relations, Northern Africa and migration, European Council on Foreign Relations, Rome
  • Giulia Paglione, Special advisor on migration, Norwegian Embassy in Rome
  • Lise Dunham, Operative coordinator Mediterranean, National Criminal Investigation Service
  • Itta Helland-Hansen, Field Worker, Doctors Without Borders
  • Jan-Paul Brekke, Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Research, Oslo

The project is part of the ongoing initiative to promote migration research at the Institute for Social Research.


The seminar is free and open for everyone. The registration is now closed.

The seminar is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



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