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Privacy and ethics in our research

Here you will find information regarding guidelines for privacy and ethics in our research.

Research ethics

Institute for Social Research (ISF) complies with «The Guidelines for Research Ethics in the Social Science, Humanities, Law and Theology” given by The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Science and the Humanities (NESH).


The Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD) is the Data Protection Official of ISF. The institute actively uses NSD’s systems for project managers and managers, and all projects handling personal data is reported to NSD.

This implies that a) the security of our information systems, b) routines and conditions/terms for transferring personal data, and c) obligations to anonymize or delete personal data after the project ends, is considered in advance and followed up by our Data Protection Official.

Information security, in particular the correct handling of personal data, is of importance to the institute and is followed up in our internal control system. The institute has developed complete documentation of our internal control according to the Data Protection Authority recommendations for treating personal data.

Your rights

The privacy policy contains information about what you are entitled to:

  • Collection of personal information
  • How personal data is processed
  • What rights you have to access and correct or delete information

Read more about your rights.

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